These are some of the photographs and letters we have received from New owners and their puppies.
New Owners Photos
It's Flossys birthday today, and she had her first season a month ago. Flossy is adored by everyone, we are always being stopped to say she looks like Waffle, it's a children's cbbc programme about a miniature poodle cooled waffle. We have recommended wren poodles so many different people, as Flossys temperament is lovely, just as you advertised on your website.

Hope you and your family are well.

Claire & mark x
Hi Linda
This little beauty has just turned a year old and we've had a wonderful 10 months together. She is clever, loyal and loving and I couldn't wish for a better companion. Poodles really are perfect Dogs. Here's some pictures of a freshly groomed Maggie and one of her on our holiday in East Sussex
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Hello Linda,

Hope you are all well
Max is now 9 months old and doing well.
He has settled in with us very well and loves everyone that he meets. He is full of character and keeps us entertained with his funny behaviour. He is an absolute bundle of energy and as quick as lightening.

I hope his parents and siblings are doing well too
Hi Linda

Hope you are all well and your new litter are doing good.

Just wanted to give you an update on Bella as we have had her a week. She is an absolutely lovely puppy with such a good temperament. She loves playing with us in the garden and sleeping in her bed! She is doing fantastic with the toilet training and is doing most outside which we are sure is down to your good training before she came to us.

I've sent you some pictures, we got her a little coat to keep warm in the freezing cold this week!
Thanks again for everything

Lisa and Jez
Hi Linda

I just wanted to thank you and your son for all of your help with getting Rosie and I onto the train it was so nice of you to do that.

I took the train that took 3 hours instead of 2 to get to Euston but it was alright and Rosie managed to pee on the puppy pad without anyone noticing :-)

I wanted to also say a heartfelt thank you for our beautiful little puppy she is happy and good girl.

Rosie hasn't fussed much during the night despite everything changing for her. She is very well behaved and I think that is because of your experience as a breeder and because you are a kind and lovely lady.

I wish you and your son everything of the best.


Hi there thought I would send you some pictures.
Bella is amazing, we absolutely adore her. She's got such a gorgeous personality.

Hi Linda
Just a picture of our Poppy (Jasmine) now 3 yrs a delightful friendly dog that just wants to give Love.
I wonder how little Jasper is getting on in South Africa.
Thanks for such a lovely dog Love her to bits.
Keith & Sandra
Hi Linda,

I just wanted to send you an update on our gorgeous new family member, Ruby. She is absolutely amazing, the most wonderful temperament and has thoroughly settled in, the kids adore her and vice versa.
Thank you so much for rearing her so well. We are making good progress with the toilet training, she seems to know to be outside since she arrived.
We are looking forward to socialising her once her jabs are done and we have a bit of opportunity to meet other people and dogs, not sure when that will be but we live in hope. All her paperwork has been done and hopefully you received the returned contract

Best wishes and my thanks again
Hi Linda,

Lucca has been an absolute angel since being home, she's settled in very well and we are looking forward to seeing how she grows. I thought i'd send a couple of photos of her enjoying the good weather in the garden!

Hope you are all well and staying safe.
Many thanks,

Hi Linda and family!

Just wanted to share a picture of Honey, she's now almost 7 months old and is the love of our lives, wouldn't know how to live without her!
The most amazing dog ever, so clever and loving!

Best wishes, Tom and Ieva xx
Hi Linda,

Thank you so much for Penny she has been nothing short of amazing! - She has settled in very well, she has picked up her crate and toilet training extremely well and is now doing all toilets in the garden and sleeping through with exception of waking for a wee a couples times a night.

She has a very healthy appetite too!

Ben Booth
Ruby's is a dream, such a character and we are in love. She's found her voice, loves a little bark and grow when she wants attention and time to play. Also a little cry when she wants to join us on the sofa x

Thank you thank you thank you.

From Tom and Sadie
Hi Linda,

We just wanted to let you know that Phoebe is settling in so well!
We are all head over heels! She's eating well and settling really well at night. Her confidence is growing each day and so is her cheeky nature!
Good Morning Linda and Family,
I wish you all a Happy Christmas 🎄 and New Year .
Millie has arrived safely on the 23rd and is adorable. She knows what she wants also eating well and I have the best and most adorable puppy with all what you mentioned
true and better. Gordon spoke very highly of you and your place.
Thank you for making my Christmas extra special .
Best wishes
Hannah Ridley
Good afternoon Linda.
I wanted to let you have an update on our lovely Calypso. She is now three-and-a-half months old and is as bold and merry a little character as you could find. She and our cocker spaniel, Nutmeg, enjoy each other's company throughout the day. Calypso goes on long morning walks - although for the greater part she is carried. She loves exploring and is rarely phased - even when she is buffeted about by our neighbour's young labrador. She's not too sure about deer though! In December she followed Nutmeg into our pond for a swim - and surprised herself.

She is a daily joy and we love her very much. The legendary poodle intelligence is much in evidence. In one of the photos you will see her waiting at the door of the study. Dogs aren't allowed in and, uninstructed by us, she took her cue from Nutmeg to wait at the threshold.

Kind good wishes for a happy new year, Lindy
Hi Linda

I thought I'd send over a couple of pictures of Douglas. He is such a lovely boy - so sweet, loving, playful and naturally well behaved. We absolutely adore him! He loves playing in our garden, and often takes himself off on missions to chew as many twigs as he can find, or to nibble my plants!

The first picture is of Douglas in our garden, sat next to a ornamental gong. We always laugh at the professional pose he's using in this!

The second picture is of Douglas in one of his (many!) bandanas. This is our favourite picture of him.

Thank you very much for the fantastic start in life you gave him - he's a credit to you and the dogs you breed.

Take care, Lisa
Morning Linda

Just to let you know Rio is now part of the Pack!
She has been for her first puppy clip and looks just gorgeous, but l will keep her rough cut and not poofy when its time for her first proper clip !
She is growing fast and is enjoying having a great time with the other dogs and her favorite playmate Annie The Kitten. All the other cats and horses have accepted her and l think she is enjoying life here.

Jane Ashmore
Hi Linda,
Thought you might like to see a photo of Reuben.
He's making good progress and we absolutely love him.
The Barlows x
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