These are some of the photographs and letters we have received from New owners and their puppies.
Hi Linda - thought you'd like a few pics of Rusty after her first trip to the groomer. X

Hi Linda just to let you know Lucy is settling in very well. We are so in love with her already. You were right, she is very spirited. She is totally fearless and already a good way to being house trained. I do believe her sound background has been a major factor in her personality and that is totally down to you and wrenspoodles and we can't thank you enough. I will be in touch as she gets older with photos and updates.

Again thank you so much Linda.
Kind regards Sue and Garry
Hi Linda, merry Christmas and happy new year to you all ! Tilly is now twelve weeks old and has settled in very well. she was fully house trained at ten weeks and is now learning to walk on her lead nicely. Her octopus is her favourite toy and she loves playing with the grandchildren, everybody adores her as do we. We couldn't of wished for a better puppy thank you .
Hi Linda
Please see the photos taken today tillys 9month birthday. She loves the beach and sea.
Thank you again she is the most beautiful girl in all ways. She spends most of her time with me out and about including the wi meetings and is loved and admired by all.
Hope all is well at wrens poodles.
Best wishes Sarah
Hi Linda,

Hope all's well at Wren's. Thought you'd like a couple of pics of Rusty after her first birthday.

All the best,

Hi Linda
The picture was taken yesterday on the ferry to a small Island called Herm.
Tilly is the most precious thing. She is so funny, cleaver and loving, and a bit mad in a nice way.
Thank you again, she has brought me and my family and friends so much joy.
Hope all is well @ Wrens I still visit your site regular.
Kind regards

Sarah Breton Guernsey
Hello Linda,

Time flies, so I thought you might like to hear how Maisie is getting on (5 months). Today she had her first full grooming session, photo attached. Training is proceeding in the right directions, although she still jumps around in very energetic style just when we want her to sit to put her lead on. The 'sit' command is still something to be thought about but we are making progress. House training is coming along quite well - if the weather was less cold and wet I think leaving the back door open would have helped considerably.

She has been much admired by all and sundry and greets everybody very enthusiastically. If you remember we told you that our lovely Flat-coat Cinders did not recognise her job description and would not retrieve. No such problem with Maisie - she loves chasing and retrieving her ball, although more work is required on the 'drop it' command.

Thank you from Maisie, Barbara, and Tony
Hi Linda,
We thought you would like to see a video of Rosie, 22 weeks old today. She had her very first grooming session this afternoon and she looks lovely. She is tucking in to her favourite Venison chew stick in the video.
We had prepared her well for the experience. We got her used to being bathed and dried with the hairdryer and we bought a pair of cordless clipper to get her used to the sound and feel of them next to her body all over. She is so relaxed with them that when we bring them out she lies on her back ready for me to give her a belly rub with it. We found an excellent grooming studio too.
She completes 5 weekly sessions of puppy classes later this week and we are enrolling her in to agility classes too.
She loves the world and everyone and everything in it. She doesn't yet know not every person or dog is a friend. I haven't a clue how we teach her that. She is a wonderful little dog and we wouldn't be without her.

Lots of love from Dorothy, Philomena and Rosie
Hi Linda
I just wanted to let you know that Little Gee is an absolute delight he is so good and such a happy boy thank you so much
Victoria xxx
Hello Linda
I just wanted to send you a piccie of Muffin's first birthday.
Thank you, Linda ... she gives me so much pleasure. We are nearly half way through the Bronze Dog Citizenship course. Not sure she will pass (but we are working on it). There is a lovely red cavapoo called 'Teddy' who somewhat distract each other. It has been known for their names to be mentioned during the 'lesson'!

Hope all is good ...

Best wishes

PS ... I have also enclosed her piccie on her first day home to show how much she has grown ... and the Valentine piccie ... better than roses! ... :~).
Dear Linda,

Just to let you know that Teddy is doing very well. He's a cheeky chap and too clever for his own good. He loves playing football and chase around the garden with Thomas. He loves snuggling with Emma and falls asleep on her lap or shoulder. He loves meeting other dogs and people and everyone we come across thinks he's adorable. He can now get up the stairs, he runs up and hides under the beds. He likes playing hide and seek in the garden as well and hides under bushes. He knows how to sit, paw, high five, turn and LEAVE IT!

Hi Linda,

Pepper turned 1 at the beginning of June and continues to be an absolute sweetheart. She achieved her Kennel Club Bronze Award in May and we are working towards the Silver. She is so good natured that she even let me dress her up for the Wolfwood fun dog show at the Royal in Heysham yesterday.

Kind regards

Jan Price
Hi Linda,

Teddy had his first big boy hair cut today and looks very handsome. He is now totally beach ready for our holiday at the end of August! He is still doing very well and walks obediently on and off his lead. He loves socializing with other dogs on his walks. He is a real character and we could not have wished for a better little fellow.
Linda Sue and Garry Fallows here, just wanted to send you a photo of our lovely Lucy at a wedding this summer aged 3 this October . She really is a princess and stole the show. I think she would have preferred to be over the field rolling in duck doo though.

Best wishes sue and Garry
Dear Linda,

Things are going very well! He whimpered a bit on the train and a bit in busy London but he managed the trains, tubes and buses well. We were back by 2.30pm. He's met the cats and got on well with them - he didn't chase and they just watched him from a safe distance. He had a good first night, he went to bed in his crate at 11pm and got up at 6pm, just a bit of crying at the end and beginning. He's managed 3 wees outside too. So all in all it's been a dream and a lot easier than our first puppy!

We can't thank you enough for all your hard work, you've obviously done a great job and we appreciate it.

All the best, Alex, David & Rufus!
Hi linda just to let you know georgie settling well, he is so beautiful. So many people have admired him. Thank you for such great best friend.

Denise+Georgie xx
Hi LInda

I hope all is well with you

Just to say that Rufus is doing brilliantly - at 16 weeks he's taken to training perfectly, and loves life to the full. At the minute he's enjoying snow and full of the wonder of the world - scampering through the drifts wagging his tail.

Kind regards
Dear Linda,
We can't believe that Teddy is 1 year old. He's still a delight and a well established family member. He's very sociable and loves playing chase with other dogs regardless of their size!
He's got lots of doggy friends and is such a character. He's extremely nosey and always has to check out everyone and everything.
He wakes the children up for school by jumping on their beds and licking their ears.
He is always interested in a snooze and a snuggle.

Love Helen x
Hi Linda

I thought I would give you an update around Jesse's first birthday. I am a little late! I see from your website you have another litter this year born around the same time. I hope they are doing well.
Jesse is the most beautiful little chap. He is very calm and affectionate and every time I look at him he reminds me of his great grandfather, my beloved Sacha (Milandia Captain Scarlet). We actually lost Sacha in April due to mounting health issues and although it was such a sad time, I am so grateful to have Jesse. He looks so much like him. He is his own little person though. He plays happily with Leah, my chocolate cocker spaniel and they are great friends, although I had to separate them in April when she came into season for the first time! I would like to breed with Jesse and Leah possibly next season or the one after.
I hope all is good with you and your lovely dogs, and thank you again for my beautiful boy.

Hi Linda
Thought I would give you an update on Maggie
She is so amazing and loved by everyone who meets her. She has been accepted by our two older fur boys and they love and protect her.
She has been coming out for walks in her carrier and will have he second jab next week.
Her personality is superb she's calm and nothing fazes or scares her.
Thank for our girl xx
Hi Linda,

I hope your well. I thought I'd send you a few pictures of Molly. We are in Weymouth for the week and Molly is enjoying the seaside and puppy ice cream.
I'm glad I decided to persevere. We wouldn't be without her now. My son Thomas is extremely close to Molly and very protective over her. She really is a fantastic member of our family, with a lovely temperament. Walks take forever as I'm constantly being stopped so people can admire her, if only I had a pound for every time someone told me she looked like a teddy bear! She really is a funny little character who has taken over our house, it looks like I have a toddler toys everywhere. Thank you for our gorgeous girl. X

Kind Regards

Natalie xxx
Hi Linda
Hope everything is ok your end
Thought I would give you a quick update on Maggie
She's nearly 16weeks and absolutely fantastic.
She is doing amazingly well in training class in fact she's a star pupil and is always well behaved
She has been groomed today and the groomer said she's a perfect example of her breed and let's them do anything to her.
She is loved so much and brings so much joy to our lives
Pics of Maggie looking pretty 😍
Hi linda well as you can see georgie has grown since last photo. He is a purs delight.forwardind photos. The dog groomer loves him she sent him home bandana foe halloween. Georgie is a delight and mixes so well love denise xx
Hi, we picked up Benny on February 22nd this year. I just wanted to say what a lovely young man he has grown in to. Very spirited and confident but quite easy to train. We've loved every minute. He's 11 months old now and around 8kg so still quite small which is what we wanted. Thank you Gail
Hi Linda,

We picked up our little Maggie on 13th September and we wanted to let you know how she is getting on and send you some photos. She is such a loving, confident, happy little puppy and she absolutely adores our other Poodle George... they are inseparable. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year and thank you again for our lovely Maggie she is very much loved x

Love and best wishes Lynne and Steve xx
Hi Linda
Hope everyone is well at Wrens
Just a quick update on Maggie. She's nearly 7 months old and doing fantastic. She's loving clever and brings us so much joy. She recently had her big girl haircut and is growing into a beautiful Poodle
Hi Linda

Hope your well. This was taken today on the way to Cornwall. A few days before Molly turns 8 months old. Where does the time go? She's so beautiful. X

Kind Regards

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